Developing a Node.js REST API on IBM Bluemix

On our latest series of post we develop a JEE application using IBM Bluemix.

For this post we are using Node.js SDK with the same CRUD services for a People Administrator API. In general you can use the same testing approaches we review on our post Testing a REST API just review and modify the URL you are using.

Node.js is a platform build on Chrome┬┤s JavaScript runtime. Its non-blocking event driven model allows it to be efficient. Also it allows easily to provide two-ways connections between client and server.

On this tutorialWhy The Hell Would I Use Node.js? A Case-by-Case Tutorial is presented in detail the advantages and disadvantages of using Node.js over other platforms.

We will divide the development on two posts, 1)Develop the base REST services and 2) Connect the services to the database. Continue reading